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Sand Castings

Our core expertise is producing challenging high specification aluminium sand castings.

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Aluminium Sand Castings

We specialise in producing fully machined, tested and finished aluminium sand castings and gravity-die castings for the defence, aviation, marine, medical, energy, automotive and safety-critical industries.

The capacity of our aluminium sand castings production is up to 500kg finish weight. Our boxless moulds are produced on a semi automatic plant, ensuring consistency, ease of handling with larger moulds and cleaner stripping. This makes the mould consistent, accurate and cost effective for your aluminium sand castings project.

While our manual moulding stations cater for the smaller moulds and those of lower volume, this allows us to deal with bespoke sand castings as well as low/medium volume aluminium sand casting projects while still being competitive and delivering the best results.

With the use of 80 ASF sand and CAD cut tooling we guarantee exceptional dimensional accuracy, with fine cast definition and excellent surface aesthetics.

Haworth Castings is a good example of a foundry that specialises in sand castings, using recycled sand mixed with a hardening agent to form the mould. The key elements in the sand casting process are summarised below:

  • Pattern Manufacture
  • Moulding Boxes
  • Cores
  • Running System
  • The Pour
  • Finishing

To read a full overview of the sand casting process please click here.

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