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Aluminium casting and the medical sector

Published - 11th Oct 2016

Take a look at any hospital ward or operating theatre and you’ll see a whole host of medical equipment and fittings manufactured using metal casting – from surgical instruments through to the elaborate housings for medical monitors.

At Haworth Castings, we’ve been producing aluminium castings for customers in the medical sector for many years. The high-precision aluminium castings produced in our foundry meet the exacting manufacturing standards and stringent safety requirements demanded in this sector.

In recent years, we have, for example, produced supporting equipment for a world-leading supplier of medical technology. This has ranged from the metal bases for medical instrumentation through to the hooks that keep medical notes in place at the end of patients’ beds.

High-precision aluminium castings

Aluminium casting offers great benefits over other techniques in this kind of application. Aluminium alloys, which are used in the majority of our metal casting work, have excellent strength-to-weight ratios. These alloys are robust, yet lightweight, making them ideal for mobile medical equipment where stability is critically important.

We use both aluminium sand casting and aluminium gravity-die casting in this work and the choice is very much dependent on our customers’ requirements.

Aluminium sand casting is a cost-effective process, with quick set-up times. It is ideal for producing complex shapes and intricate details – which offers huge benefits over other manufacturing techniques.

Aluminium sand casting is also particularly good for prototyping purposes. We have a wealth of experience in component development and sampling.

This means we can work with our customers from the concept stage through to design, build and delivery of the final prototype.

Meanwhile, gravity-die casting is a good option for medium- or high-volume production and we can advise our customers on the best approach for the specific project concerned.

Tested to the limits

Testing is a critical part of the aluminium casting process to check that each and every part meets exacting specifications – vital to adhere to the high quality standards required in the healthcare sector. We offer the full range of testing facilities, including UKAS-accredited independent testing facilities and services.

Whatever your needs, we are able to guarantee exceptional dimensional accuracy and we can also machine your castings using our dedicated machining facilities.

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