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Sand casting for the safety critical oil & gas industries

Published - 30th Sep 2019

Haworth Castings has manufactured aluminium sand and gravity-die castings for safety critical industries such as the oil and gas sector for over 30 years, making it one of our main areas of expertise.

Our technical knowhow, experience and quality assurance procedures ensure we consistently produce castings to exceptionally high standards.

High-specification castings for safety critical industries

We are equipped to manage the individual requirements clients present us, and work to exacting specifications and standards because the components we manufacture must operate in extremely challenging environments from the Arctic to the Arabian Gulf.

Our in-house machining capacity lets us offer fully machined components with accuracies of +/- 5 microns and our post-casting processing enables us to fully finish the product. We also have the capacity and flexibility to manufacture both small quantities or large volumes of components, depending on the specific requirement.

The aluminium sand castings we produce , often require significant feature validation and our certificate of conformities can also include a full CMM (coordinate measuring machine.

Testing and inspection

Our UKAS-accredited test facility performs non-destructive tests and inspections, including X-ray, crack detection and ultrasonic tests, and our chemical and mechanical analysis of material through to the final pressure tests means our testing is fully comprehensive.

We drive high-quality standards throughout our business by working to ISO 9001 2015 quality management systems, applying standards that consistently provide products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements, whilst we continually look to drive greater efficiency throughout our business. Our commitment to quality offers reassurance that where there is no room for error, we have the processes and expertise to ensure there is none.

Haworth Castings

At Haworth Castings Ltd, based in Hampshire, our skilled engineers produce high-precision aluminium castings for a wide range of industries. Customers benefit from our cutting-edge technology and wealth of design knowledge and experience.

Our expertise in the oil and gas industry enables us to provide support throughout the casting process, including design, advising on materials and methods of delivering consistency and quality.

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