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The benefits of simulation software for sand casting?

Published - 8th Jan 2020

In our blogs, we have often discussed the importance of the initial design stages to ensure a high-quality sand casting or gravity die casting at the end of the process.

The importance of casting simulation software

Casting simulation software enables engineers to test their design calculations virtually, thereby reducing the number of prototype test runs required to produce the final component.

The software is now being used increasingly in the industry to reduce development time and cost, and improve the integrity of cast components, elements that are of utmost importance to customers. It also helps by streamlining the development process, reducing scrap and waste with positive outcomes for the environment.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at this software in more detail.

How the design process works

Traditionally, casting engineers drew on tacit knowledge to produce manual calculations that predicted variables such as metal solidification rates, shrinkage and the amount of material needed, all of which are important design considerations for casting. These calculations were then tested in an iterative process of prototyping and parameter refinement, a process that that could be time-consuming and costly.

Now, sophisticated simulation software is taking the design process in the casting industry to the next level.

At Haworth Castings we have been assessing the latest developments in casting simulation software to see how we can best invest to further enhance our existing application development process.

Using the latest simulation software, you can import your casting model and evaluate different variables that impact the quality of the end product, such as:

  • pouring rate – which can impact porosity
  • turbulence – which can cause sand erosion, inclusions and even air entrainment
  • hot points – which can lead to inclusions
  • thermal gradient – which can impact contraction, cracking and splitting

Armed with this information, you can adjust the variables and run the simulation again and again, quickly, until you are happy with the process.

A faster, more efficient sand casting process

As a result, you can make all the adjustments needed before starting work in the foundry. This offers huge advantages in terms of optimising production accuracy, cutting down development time and reducing the amount of waste.

The software offers particular benefits for casting highly complex parts and parts with various thick and thin sections.

Haworth Castings

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