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Energy sector outlook

Published - 25th Oct 2016

At Haworth Castings, we work with a broad spectrum of customers in the energy sector – from small businesses to some of the largest multi-national organisations in the world.

Our high-precision aluminium castings meet the highest technical specifications and dimensional accuracy demanded by energy sector customers.

Aluminium casting to the highest standards

We are able to produce aluminium castings to fit most applications – from small-scale components up to 500 kg. Our aluminium castings are found in an exceptionally broad range of components, from actuators through to valves, heat sinks and housings for electrical equipment. For example, one of our most recent projects has involved producing the outer shell for monitoring equipment that tests the humidity within grain.

A choice of aluminium casting technique

Both aluminium sand casting and aluminium gravity-die casting are used in our work for the energy sector. Aluminium sand casting is more suitable for small production runs since it can be set up quickly and cost-effectively. Aluminium gravity-die casting is a more expensive option but it is sometimes more suitable for larger production runs. This choice is entirely dependent on the end application.

We use aluminium alloys in virtually all of our metal casting work. Aluminium is lightweight, with a good strength-to-weight ratio, but it is also resistant to corrosion – making it ideal for use in the oil and gas industry.

Meeting our customers’ needs

Using advanced manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce aluminium castings with highly complex shapes and intricate details – which are often required by customers in the energy markets. A typical project could involve producing pipe valves with sophisticated routing arrangements – for which intricately cast parts are essential. This is where we can lend our expertise.

Our aluminium castings are finished to exacting standards in our dedicated in-house machining facility. The parts need to perform in the most demanding operational conditions in the oil and gas sector. So, our castings are subjected to x-ray, crack detection, ultrasonic testing, and chemical/mechanical analysis – depending on our customers’ requirements. Furthermore, we offer UKAS-approved independent testing and inspection services.

Looking ahead

Our work for energy sector customers continues to develop and diversify and we envisage further growth over the coming years.

The rapid expansion in the global renewable energy sector, including wind turbines, will inevitably provide new challenges for our customers over the coming years. We look forward to providing support to both existing and new customers to meet these challenges.

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