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Strengthening customer solutions: putting the customer first

Published - 7th Oct 2021

Less than five years after identifying the potential for a group of complementary precision engineering businesses to deliver high quality solutions for performance-critical applications, Chief Executive of Expromet Technologies Group Alistair Schofield says the group’s customer base is growing, along with its reputation.

“Our Group businesses provide a wide range of complementary engineering and manufacturing solutions, with a wealth of shared expertise. Customers can come to us for the production of anything from a simple cast component through to complex, precision-engineered systems, knowing that we will help them develop and manufacture each item using the best solution for their requirements. That level of experience and understanding is proving to be a valuable resource for our customers.”

Expromet delivers on its core values

The Group is founded on delivering excellent service and value to customers across the defence, aviation, marine, medical, energy and process equipment sectors and other performance-critical industries. Three basic principles continue to drive growth:

Operational excellence

Expromet places engineering excellence, technological advancement and precision at the core of everything it does. From the point of design through production, robust quality control and on to logistics and delivery, the business uses the latest technology and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Solutions from the Group’s four UK manufacturing locations range from investment, sand and gravity-die castings to precision machined and fabricated components and systems. Expromet also offers a wide range of castings, forgings and precision machined products sourced from international supply chain partners.

A focus on lean manufacturing principles and sharing the experience of individuals from the shop floor to leaders has fostered a culture of continuous improvement, whilst also bringing a proud sense of shared purpose to colleagues at each business.

Organic growth

Each of the companies under the Expromet umbrella has strengthened its position over the last two years, despite the impact of the pandemic. Investacast, Haworth Castings and Metaltech have all seen investment in their facilities and made new appointments to their teams, providing a secure foundation for growth.

These developments have also enabled Expromet Group companies to win new business as well as serving existing customers. As Investacast, Haworth Castings and Metaltech diversify into new sectors the global expertise available across Expromet continues to grow.


Expromet’s vision for the future is to continue development and investment in areas that bring additional technological and manufacturing advances for the benefit of its customers, including acquiring new businesses.

“Our goal is to be a fully-integrated, leading-edge supplier of engineered solutions for customers on a global basis,” says Alistair. “We are always on the lookout for complementary businesses that can help us expand the breadth of capabilities that we are able to offer to our customers.” 

Looking to the future

Following the acquisition of Metaltech this year Expromet won ‘Buy to Build Company of the Year’ at Insider Media’s South West Dealmakers Awards in September 2021.

Left: Alistair Schofield, CEO of Expromet Technologies Group. Right: Dan Jones, Group Finance Director

Following the presentation, CEO Alistair Schofield said: “I was delighted to accept this award on behalf of Expromet Technologies Group. The award recognises the significant progress that we have made in growing the business by acquisition over a relatively short period of time. The acquisitions, combined with our focus on operational excellence and investment across the Group, are setting the stage for the next phase of our development plans both in the UK and internationally.”For more information please call +44 (0)1794 512 685 or email

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