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Good Planning – at the Heart of Customer Satisfaction

Published - 27th Sep 2022

An introduction to James Edwards, Planning Manager at Haworth Castings

James Edwards has an extensive background in manufacturing, which serves him well in his role as Planning Manager at Haworth Castings’ Foundry in Romsey.

“I am personally committed to getting each order manufactured and delivered on time and on spec,” he says.

“Most of our orders require the careful planning of casting, treatments and finishes: it is my job to ensure everything goes smoothly and our customers are happy to come back for more!”

Hands-on experience

There is nothing like on-the-job training to provide a deep understanding of the processes involved in producing fully machined and finished precision sand and gravity-die castings. During his 24 years in manufacturing, James has worked on everything from operating and programming CNC machines to managing operations across a busy foundry. Now, he uses that experience to shape the product journey from manufacturing to delivery.

The role of Planning Manager

James’s current role involves planning, organising and scheduling the work involved as castings progress through the manufacturing process. This involves a range of tasks, depending on customer requirements, and may include:

    • Fettling
    • Heat treatment
    • Crack detection
    • Painting
    • Anodising
    • Polishing
    • Machining
    • Impregnation
    • Pressure testing
    • Alocrom and Molybdenum coating
    • Hot Isostatic Pressing or HIPping

Some of these processes are outsourced and must be very carefully managed to ensure that they fit with the overall manufacturing schedule in order to meet the agreed-upon customer delivery schedule.

Achieving customer satisfaction

James enjoys the variety of his role and splits his time between the office and the shop floor. “As Planning Manager, my days can be fast-paced and intense,” he admits, “but I take pleasure in satisfying customer needs by getting jobs out on time and as specified.”

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