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Haworth Castings sponsors local Under-11 football team

Published - 5th Jan 2021

Haworth Castings has sponsored a local Under-11 football team Soton Eagles to help support and build a relationship with young people and their families at this challenging time.

Coronavirus restrictions are difficult for families and businesses alike – keeping people separate from their colleagues and limiting their freedom to relax and have fun.

But some people are going out of their way to help others enjoy life despite the challenges. Step forward Zibby Fiet, a foundry worker at Haworth Castings in Romsey.

A new football club for Southampton

Zibby and his wife, Barbara, founded children’s football club Soton Eagles in 2018. As the parents of two active boys looking for training in the local area, the couple took the brave step of starting a club themselves.

“I love football, and my middle son was especially keen to play,” recalls Zibby. “Luckily Barbara was enthusiastic so we threw ourselves in at the deep end and it has changed our lives!”

An experienced football trainer, Zibby now runs the club’s team of trainers and Barbara as Chairman is responsible for all the administration that comes with running a growing club – Soton Eagles now has over 50 youth members and runs teams across all youth age-groups.

More than football

Barbara’s bubbly enthusiasm for the club is contagious, especially as she sees how much more than just football the club offers to children and their families.

“All three of our sons play, and I have watched with amazement the huge difference that regular training has made to their overall health. It is a lifestyle change that has improved their asthma and built friendships, and other parents are delighted to tell me their children seem to blossom in health and confidence.”

Soton Eagles has grown into a strong international community, where families from a wide range of backgrounds, including British, Polish and Asian, all help each other. And it doesn’t stop there – despite their shortage of funds the club has raised money for the local NHS through a quiz, held a charity event last year to support a local girl whose family could not afford to pay her medical bills, and continues to try to support those in need.

“We are like a big family,” says Barbara, “teaching the children to open our hearts to others in need.” They are also teaching the children practical skills, for example running a first aid class last year so that the children know what to do in an emergency.

Football Success

Of course the teams are thriving in this happy atmosphere. Zibby coaches the pre-schoolers, with games and purposeful fun, before they progress to the Under-7s and their first proper football league. Soton Eagles has teams at every age group, including the Under-11 Haworth Castings team which has just been promoted to a higher league after demonstrating their prowess since October.

“I am so grateful to Haworth Castings for their September donation,” says Zibby, after the company sponsored the strip for the U-11 team and contributed to the expensive pitch fees. “Without generous donations like this we cannot meet all the expenses the club needs as it grows: we don’t want to turn anyone away due to lack of money. Haworth Castings’ contribution is a huge help.”


Government restrictions on team sports and indoor exercise have forced Zibby and Barbara to be creative in keeping the club going. They were quick to start back at training as soon as possible, and have found ways to move indoors sessions into the fresh air. In fact, the restrictions made families even more aware of just how valuable Soton Eagles is, not just as a football club, but as a supportive community.

Soton Eagles Youth U-11 Haworth Castings

Barbara is working on a new website so you can follow the progress of the team on their Facebook page, and Zibby says he is always keen to share news about the club which takes up so much of their family time. Haworth Castings is delighted to establish a relationship with this young club which is clearly giving so much support and football in this challenging period.

Congratulations, Zibby and Barbara, we are proud to support you, and look forward to the even greater success of Soton Eagles Youth U-11 Haworth Castings in their new league!

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