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How green is sand and gravity die casting?

Published - 26th Nov 2018

Any industry that uses raw materials extracted from the ground has a responsibility to ensure those resources are used wisely and sparingly.

Sand casting is one of the more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and at Haworth Castings we are conscious of the impact that sand casting can have on the planet. In this blog post we look at how our two main processes work on the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Sand casting

Sand casting accounts for more than 95% of our work at Haworth. The process involves pouring molten aluminium into a sand mould and is a relatively cost-effective process. The sand used to make the mould can be recycled, which also offers environmental and cost benefits.

At our Romsey foundry, 100% of the sand from our casting work is recycled, reducing our carbon footprint considerably. The resin patterns we use to create our moulds can also be reused. Sand casting is ideal for medium-volume casting projects.

Gravity die casting

Gravity die casting is a good example of reuse in industry. Molten metal is poured into a reusable cast-iron die under the force of gravity.

Although die manufacture requires more processing and cost, each one can be used many hundreds of times and the process is used in high volume productions.


Metal casting overall can be considered more environmentally friendly than plastic moulding because the products tend to last longer and are more likely to be recycled than dumped in landfill or the sea.

Alloys of aluminium alloys have been developed using composites that make good use of various types of recycled metal.

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