An Introduction to Justin Brewer, Haworth Castings’ new QHSE Manager - Haworth Castings

An Introduction to Justin Brewer, Haworth Castings’ new QHSE Manager

Published - 10th Dec 2020

Haworth Castings is pleased to introduce its new Manager for Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and the Environment, Justin Brewer.

Justin Brewer – QHSE Manager

Maintaining high quality standards

Justin joins us with extensive experience in quality assurance in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare sectors, having previously held roles at Porton Biopharma and GlaxoSmithKline. The high standards applied in these industries have given Justin a clear focus on ensuring optimum processes and procedures throughout Haworth Castings’ business.

“My challenge is to incrementally improve our quality management system so that procedures are clear, evidence-based and focused on results,” says Justin. He is working to standardise Haworth Castings’ processes and is already introducing new systems and documentation for areas such as training and customer services.

Justin is also reviewing the quality standard accreditations currently held by the business, such as ISO 9001:2015, with a view to securing further certifications in environmental management and health and safety.

Staying Safe

COVID-19 has given Justin a rapid introduction into the health and safety aspects of his role. From standardising safety signage to give clear and robust messaging, to a comprehensive review of risk assessments across both sites, Justin is working continuously to ensure that everyone at our foundry and machining facility is kept as safe as possible. In the climate of an ongoing and evolving pandemic, Justin is all too aware of the importance of robust health and safety standards and wants Haworth Castings to lead the way.


Given the wide range of his responsibilities, Justin understands the issues that companies can face in making documentation simple, easy to follow and fit for purpose. It is important that customers and colleagues alike are able to find the written guidance they need, whether for an internal process or a customer return, and for that information to be easy to follow for effective results. Processes are required to be concise and understandable by the end user, and the continuous improvement in this area represents a welcome challenge.

Clearly, Justin has had his hands full since his arrival in May. We are already seeing the benefits of his rigorous approach to QHSE, and are delighted to welcome him to Haworth Castings.

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