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The sand casting finishing process – a short animation

Published - 15th Sep 2016

This short animation is the third in our series and outlines the finishing process in sand casting. 

The key steps in the process are broken down into the following stages; fettling, shot blasting and linishing.


The first stage of the finishing process is fettling. Excess material such as risers are removed using a band saw or manual cutting device.

Shot blasting

The casting is then blasted with stainless steel shot. Shot blasting removes any contaminants and creates a uniform finish.

The casting is then inspected to check for any surface irregularities.


The next step is to linish the casting. A grinder or belt sander is used to remove any excess material.  

The finished casting is now ready to be heat treated and shot blasted again. Additional surface treatments can then be applied depending on requirements. 

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