Machining using CNC machinery - a short animation - Haworth Castings

Machining using CNC machinery – a short animation

Published - 8th Feb 2018

At Haworth Castings machining is carried out using up to 5-axes CNC machining centres.

In turning, the component is placed in the chuck and rotated either vertically or horizontally for producing diameters and bores.

The same machine can then be used to drill and bore holes in the component. In 5-axes machining, the component is placed on an indexing table. The cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z axes.

The tilting head enables bores to be machined on a 4th axis and the rotation of the indexing table allows machining on a 5th axis. 5-axes machining enables us to machine a complex shape in a single set up improving accuracy and maximising efficiency.

The machined components are then ready for inspection.

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