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Pattern design is key to a high quality sand casting

Published - 26th Feb 2019

Any new sand casting product requires a pattern. Made from resin, it must be an exact copy of the finished casting in dimensions and shape. It is created by specialist pattern makers to ensure the accuracy of the final product and the quality of its finish.

Pattern design and computer technology

Traditionally, pattern makers worked from paper designs, using their own manual calculations.

Now, 3D printed models and CAD are employed widely in the industry. Software drawings are made using the original electronic design files of the component, supplied by the customer. Computer software then creates highly intricate, accurate patterns.

The software even factors in the shrinkage allowance made for the metal cooling, removing the risk of human error.

The design process

At Haworth Castings, the first thing our team of pattern designers do is interrogate the customer’s design to identify issues and limitations:

  • Desired metal thicknesses in the pattern
  • The flow of metal into the mould
  • The potential for shrinkage or porosity

We advise the pattern maker on the position of the runners and risers and other elements to ensure a smooth pour.

If cavities are required in the product, the pattern maker also manufactures patterns for cores to create these features.

The next step is to produce the pattern, which is manufactured from a high-quality resin, the hardness of which is determined by the expected life of the pattern.

Once the resin pattern has been machined, pattern assembly can begin.

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