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Sand casting aluminium products for the defence sector

Published - 31st Jul 2019

During our 60 years’ working in aluminium sand casting and gravity die casting, we have invested heavily, acquiring the latest tools and skills to support our customers by delivering cutting edge high quality components. This is particularly true for our work in the defence industry.

What we do

At Haworth Castings we manufacture castings to 500kg with our processes letting us work cost effectively even with low-volume requirements. We offer customers choices in the manufacturing process that reflect their budgets and project requirements.

Supporting defence industry customers

Defence customers often come to us with very individual specifications. Our expertise enables us to offer support throughout the entire castings process, including design and advice on the best materials and methods for ensuring that castings meet requirements.

Typically for the defence industry, this means meeting very exacting standards with aluminium castings, where our expertise lays in producing high integrity aluminium castings with exacting non-destructive testing requirements.

Achieving quality in a safety critical sector

We understand the exceptional quality standards our defence clients are required to work to. This applies not only to the products manufactured but also in the testing process. We give customers confidence that we share the same high-quality standards by working to ISO 9001 2015 quality management standards.

This means we apply standards that consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and that we continually look to improve and drive efficiency.

Our skill in producing castings of high quality and integrity is our primary focus, which is why safety critical industries such as defence choose to work with us. The parts are tested to the highest standards using x-ray, crack detection, ultrasonic testing, and chemical/mechanical analysis and we offer UKAS-approved independent testing and inspection services.

Haworth Castings

At Haworth Castings, based in Hampshire, our highly skilled engineers produce high-precision aluminium sand and gravity die castings for a wide variety of applications. Customers benefit from our cutting-edge technology and our wealth of design knowledge and experience.

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