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The environmental benefits of reusing sand for aluminium casting

Published - 16th Sep 2019

We all need to ensure that we live and work in a way that helps to promote sustainability and offer protection for the environment.

At Haworth Castings we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and constantly review our processes to deliver continuous improvement in our operations and provide environmental sustainability.

This includes:

  • Recycling sand
  • Reducing and recycling scrap
  • Managing emissions

Recycling sand

Recycling sand is an area in which we have made significant investments. We know the positive impact that managing sand can have on the environment but we are also very conscious, that if not done properly, it can have a negative impact on the quality of a product.

When we made our £300,000 investment in a new sand reclamation plant we knew it was the right thing to do for both our customers and the environment.

Before we purchased the new plant we bought more than two thousand tonnes of sand every year and three skips of contaminated sand would go to landfill every week. Now we are pleased to say that we have no sand disposal skips on our premises, waste is minimal and over 95% of the sand we use is reclaimed.

For our customers there also are more direct benefits:

  • Product quality: Our plant enables us to remove residual chemicals from the sand during the reclaim process so that when recycled, it only ever has one layer of chemicals in it at a time, which protects quality.
  • Removal of fines: Our sand ends up at approximately 80AFS, giving our castings an excellent definition.
  • Cost stability: Fluctuations in sand and waste disposal prices impacts us less due to the recycling we undertake. This price stability we pass on to our customers.

Haworth Castings

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