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“Are you really getting the best deal?”

Published - 12th Jul 2010

The benefits of benchmarking your castings supplier

If you tend to look at the glass as being half full then the recent economic turmoil has presented the perfect opportunity for you to check you’re getting the best service through the supply chain. Have you considered benchmarking your castings supplier recently?

A benchmark quote from Haworth Castings will show you how a new supplier can potentially improve the quality and reliability of your castings whilst delivering top notch service and highly competitive pricing. Why not send us a benchmark enquiry to quote for you?


Phill Bonham of Haworth Castings states: “many of our new clients originally send an enquiry to Haworth to see if we can match the price and quality of their current suppliers.  Sometimes this is an annual exercise, but often it is because their regular supplier has simply not delivered on a promise of value, service or quality”.  As a family owned foundry we always try our best to get to know what our new client is really looking for as well as providing a quote that is highly competitive”. If you would like to know more about our foundry and our expert foundry team, please contact Haworth Castings on 01794 512685 or email sales@haworthcastings.co.uk.

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