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Design for Manufacture

Published - 25th Feb 2022

How Haworth Castings helps you design parts for cost-effective production

In this article we’ll look at design for manufacture (DfM) and how Haworth Castings can help you design a part that meets all your application requirements using the most economical means of production.

Product design determines production costs

Product design will largely determine the manufacturing cost of the product and, once locked in, can be difficult to change. If products are designed from the outset with ease and cost of manufacture in mind, the benefits are clear.

Manufacturing existing products more efficiently

Haworth Castings works closely with its customers at the early design phases to share its expert knowledge of casting, machining and post processing. By investigating design considerations at this stage, customers can design products that are optimal for their end use whist minimising production costs.

Haworth Castings can help customers design effectively for manufacture by:

    • Identifying appropriate materials for specific manufacturing processes
    • Refining the shape and geometry of products to improve manufacturability and minimise defects
    • Eliminating waste or inefficiencies in production
    • Exploring the potential to combine multiple components into a single part
    • Finding opportunities for lightweighting where appropriate
    • Considering options that reduce lead time

Haworth Castings helps you design for manufacture

Haworth Castings can also help customers convert legacy parts to more economical manufacturing processes – reducing costs and increasing your profit margin by taking a fresh look at the most appropriate method of production.

A typical example is parts designed as machined from solid, but where a casting is sufficient to meet the application requirements. We consistently find that we can significantly reduce the cost of production in such cases.

Reduce manufacturing costs without reducing performance

At Haworth Castings we pride ourselves in finding solutions to complex engineering challenges for the most demanding industry sectors, and we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on DfM.

We are always happy to be consulted on the optimisation of design or manufacture for new and legacy parts. For more information please call +44 (0)1794 512 685 or email

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