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Driving Continuous Improvement at Haworth Castings

Published - 22nd Aug 2022

An introduction to Neil Spooner, QHSE Manager

With a passion for manufacturing and a strong background in engineering, Neil Spooner brings a wealth of experience to his new role as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Haworth Castings.

Pleasure in manufacturing from raw materials

Neil has long had a passion for creating products from scratch. Following a degree in engineering he has always worked in manufacturing, including eight years as Quality Manager for Weir Minerals.

“I am delighted to join Haworth Castings and see at first hand the expertise that goes into casting precision components,” says Neil. “My work driving a sustainable and future-oriented QHSE system will support the business in delivering the best products whilst maintaining high standards across all their manufacturing operations.

Continuous improvement

Regulatory requirements demand continuous improvements in the quality of processes and products and to ensure the health and safety of workers. They can also promote sustainability by controlling the manufacturer’s environmental impact and improving productivity.

Neil is keen to take a practical, evidence-led approach to assessing risks and boosting quality.

“With proper evidence we can identify challenges and take the right steps to deliver improvements which will benefit everyone, including our staff, our customers, and our environment. I am excited to explore what we can do to further improve the already robust systems Haworth has in place.”

Capturing ‘organisational knowledge’

Many of Haworth Castings’ manufacturing team are experts at their job, with a lifetime of experience and acquired skills. Neil is keen to capture that experience and knowledge and share it with colleagues, building a more highly skilled team at every level.

“We are pleased to welcome Neil to Haworth Castings,” says Lachlan Buirds, Managing Director. “We have a strong ethos of fine-tuning existing capabilities in pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence, and Neil will play a vital role in achieving our aims.”

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