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Haworth Castings Shines Sector Spotlight on Automobiles

Published - 10th Aug 2012

In a previous news article we reported how the UK government planned to offer individuals £5,000 to trade in their current vehicle for an electric car.

However there has been some criticism that because electric cars use vast amounts of electricity for charging this is not as environmentally friendly as it may seem.

Therefore this year saw the government and 13 companies launch an initiative to try and make hydrogen powered cars a commercial success.

The initiative called UKH2Mobility is fully backed by utility, gas and infrastructure companies. The overall plan is to commercialise fuel cell vehicles in 2015, the main hurdle in achieving this is the hydrogen charging infrastructure required.

The benefits of hydrogen-powered cars will be their reliability on a fuel cell that takes oxygen from the air and combines it with hydrogen from a tank to create electricity. Therefore, they will be seen as electric vehicles that are not held back by the limited range of batteries.

Additionally, like electric cars, there are no emissions of harmful gases.

Haworth Castings have worked closely with manufacturers in the automotive sector for over 15 years and provide high integrity aluminium sand castings for a range of clients. If you would like to know more please email us here or visit our automotive page.

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