Our MD reflects on his first two years - Haworth Castings

Our MD reflects on his first two years

Published - 18th Jun 2021

After two years at the helm, Managing Director Lachlan Buirds is proud to see Haworth Castings build on its reputation for quality and service to customers, with efficiency improvements, new technology and the support of a strong and talented team.

Support during the pandemic

As pandemic restrictions are lifted, Haworth Castings continues to remain vigilant about COVID-19 safety measures. “Our priority was always to protect our customers, suppliers and staff,” says Lachlan. “We were fortunate that as a key business we were able to keep working by taking appropriate precautions. I would like to thank everyone at Haworth Castings, our suppliers and customers for their loyal support during what was a very challenging time, and look forward to once again enjoying the face-to-face contact so crucial tobuilding a dynamic business.”

Building our team

Lachlan has appointed of a number of new colleagues, including Operations Manager Jurgen van Aert, Planning Manager Dorota Zdunek, and QHSE Manager Justin Brewer, allowing the business to fine-tune existing capabilities in pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence. Workflows have been streamlined, processes reviewed and rigorous monitoring embedded to provide a robust foundation for the future.

Building capacity

The company has invested in the installation of an additional Ramsell-Naber furnace, and is continuing its programme of Lean training and efficiency improvements to deliver a significant increase in capacity. A new MRP system is already in place, facilitating enhanced capacity planning and scheduling to support ever-growing customer demand for sand and gravity-die castings.

Building technology

Lachlan’s comprehensive review of the business has enabled him to identify where the latest advances in technology can make a real difference to customer outcomes:

  • Innovative 3D scanning measurement systems now deliver quick and highly-efficient test and inspection capability, enhancing the efficiency of Haworth Castings’ machine shop in Basingstoke.
  • Casting simulation software can visualise and simulate a casting without the need to produce tooling or pour metal.
  • 3D printing of sand moulds cuts development time by removing the need for ‘hard’ tooling.

Investing in technology is also helping Haworth Castings move towards a paperless environment, as software replaces paper with digital tracking systems.

Stronger together

Haworth Castings has also gained a new sister company, adding to the range of manufacturing options now available to customers through the Expromet Technologies Group. Precision engineering company MetalTech Precision joined the group this year, and alongside Investacast and Haworth Castings delivers world-class engineering solutions for performance-critical applications across diverse industry sectors.

Caring for the community

In this hive of activity, Lachlan has still found time to honour the family values that built this business. Haworth Castings continues to support local football team Soton Eagles run by colleague Zibby Fiet, which provides fantastic opportunities for local children and a hub for community support. The company is also introducing a scheme to recognise and appreciate colleagues’ long and loyal service, and investing in a training programme to allow individuals to share and improve their skills.

“I am proud of what we have achieved together in just two years,” reflects Lachlan. “Haworth Castings is bigger, stronger and more agile than ever, thanks to a wonderful team and their willingness always to go the extra mile. Thank you all – and I look forward to even better times ahead.” 

If you have any questions on Haworth’s world-class engineering solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01794 512685 or email sales@haworthcastings.co.uk.

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