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New Ramsell-Naber furnaces installed

Published - 26th Jan 2017

We have recently taken delivery of four new, state-of-the-art, Ramsell-Naber crucible gas heated furnaces. Founded in 1975, Ramsell-Naber specialise in furnaces and machines for the UK metal casting industry. They are synonymous with high efficiency, high quality and durability.

The new furnaces have increased our molten aluminium pour capacity and are the latest demonstration of Haworth Castings’ commitment to invest in the very latest equipment and machinery.

As discussed in a previous blog, keeping the temperature at a constant specified level during the pour is vital to ensure the integrity of the finished casting.

The Ramsell-Naber furnaces have inbuilt digital proportional integral derivative (PID) temperature controllers which in layman’s terms ensures that a selected temperature can be precisely maintained for an unlimited period.

The new furnaces also have an improved environmental and efficiency profile. The burners are recuperative which reduces energy consumption by 30%. Rather than being wasted, heat from the exhaust gas is used to pre-heat the combustion air.

In addition, the side walls of the furnaces are lined with high-grade fire bricks and microporous insulation panels, whilst the bottom is lined with a graded monolithic lining mixture, all designed to maximise insulation and minimise energy loss.

For the more technically minded amongst you here are the full specifications:

  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1200 degrees centigrade
  • Suitable for crucible: BU300SYNC.F
  • Max. power of burner: 300Kw
  • Connected power: approx. 2Kw
  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Melting output: approx. 200kg AL/hour
  • Fuel consumption: 15kWh/hr

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