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Ebook Download: An overview of sand casting finishing and treatments

Published - 2nd Dec 2020

The sand casting process enables the production of components with an excellent surface finish, making them suitable for a range of industrial applications.

We have produced an ebook providing a guide on the main finishing and post processing treatments associated with sand casting.

These include:


  • Linishing and fettlingThe first stages in the casting finishing process, fettling, involves the removal of any excess material while linishing involves grinding or sanding the component to improve the surface flatness.
  • Shot blasting and peening Cleaning and strengthening castings by firing small steel balls at a casting at high speed.

Post Processing Treatments

  • Heat treatment Used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of a casting.
  • Anodising An electrolytic process that thickens the naturally occurring oxide layer that forms on the surface of aluminium when it is exposed to air. This creates a hard, protective layer.
  • Alochroming Involves coating the casting in a chemical solution to form a protective film.
  • PaintingGives components exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and a good surface finish.
  • Moly sprayingAdded protection for extreme temperatures. It increases the strength and wear resistance of the resultant materials.

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