Strength & growth drive success - an update - Haworth Castings

Strength & growth drive success – an update

Published - 29th May 2023

“Haworth Castings grows stronger by the year,” says Managing Director Lachlan Buirds, as he shares the company’s recent progress and outlines plans for the future. “Robust foundations and a clear focus on customer relationships ensure we can continue to deliver high quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions for an ever-broader range of customers.” 

In this update, Lachlan explains how Haworth Castings is gearing up for further growth by investing in people and processes, whilst working with customers to provide end-to-end technical solutions for performance-critical applications.

Gearing up for growth 

The last year has seen Haworth Castings working to streamline operations and invest in staff, ensuring that the foundations are in place for sustainable growth. 

  • Skilled staff are key to the high quality production of fully-machined and finished sand castings and gravity-die castings for which Haworth Castings has built an enviable reputation. By introducing a skills matrix system alongside focussed staff training, the business is allowing individuals to develop their expertise and progress, whilst optimising every step of the manufacturing process. 
  • Increased capacity: a new ‘Crossover Shift’ is now operating at Haworth Castings’ busy foundry in Romsey. By training a select team to work flexibly in any area of the foundry, the company is now able to offer increased capacity and react even more quickly to customer demand.  

“We are proud of our great teams in Romsey and Basingstoke, who are working with us to develop their own skills and deliver high quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions for customers,” says Lachlan. “Gearing up for growth in this way also allows us to further extend capacity and efficiency through other initiatives already in the pipeline.”   

Strengthening existing relationships 

Haworth Castings has appointed Key Account Managers to deliver personal support to ensure key customers receive excellent service. “Our customer systems are now tailored to provide customers with a single point of contact, offering informed solutions and advice as well as dealing with any challenges,” says Lachlan.  

Natalie Palmer and her team provide a partnership approach to customers, some of whom also work with Haworth Castings’ sister companies Investacast and Metaltech Precision within Expromet Technologies Group. “Our Key Account Managers offer a single point of contact for all casting and machining requirements, along with guidance on the best manufacturing choice – they are a great resource for customers.”  

Haworth Castings knows its customers but understands that good communications are key to improvement. It has recently conducted a customer survey to identify any areas where improvements could be made, and drawn up an action plan to improve good ratings to excellent. 

Building new relationships 

As a leading supplier of fully-machined and finished, precision aluminium sand castings and gravity-die castings, Haworth Castings has customers across a range of sectors, including defence, marine, medical, oil and gas and renewable energy. 

With the assistance of Expromet’s Group Business Development Manager, Robert Williams the company is now successfully targeting growth in developing sectors such as Electric Vehicles (EV) – where components are supplied for automotive, marine and industrial applications.  

“Customers in performance-critical industry sectors are increasingly coming to Haworth Castings for manufacturing,” says Lachlan. “We have built a reputation for expertise in this area, delivering high quality products on time and to budget.”  

A bright future for Haworth Castings 

Lachlan and his team have invested in robust foundations which have seen the business thrive in spite of the economic climate. By strengthening existing relationships and offering tailored support to customers old and new, Haworth Castings has geared up successfully for future growth. 

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